Business Continuity

Recover business functions quickly despite natural or man-made catastrophes

Most SMBs store files on a central hard drive or server for simpler operation and easier access. However, hard drive failures are inevitable. Worse still, others rely on tape backups, which are costly and inefficient. Businesses can be plagued by a natural or man-made disaster anytime, and when this happens, a dedicated, redundant backup system can be the defining factor to your business’ survival.

Unlike tape backup, Paronubi’s Business Continuity strategy uses hard drives to backup your files in an off-site data center. In the event of a disaster, a simple re-routing is all it takes for you to get back up and running in minutes, not months.

For a flat monthly fee, you can ensure your business’s longevity.

Digital Enablement

Provide better client experience with custom app development and other services

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Systems Improvement

Enhance your organization’s efficiency and reduce long-term costs

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Technology Management

Outsource your technology to the experts and eliminate IT headaches

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