Latin, paro-nubi
to set on (or to plan for) the cloud

At the heart of Paronubi is our customer’s success – we seek to provide the best possible solutions. To have Paronubi in your business, means fully integrating a functional, profit-driving area. We work best when we have a seat at the table along with your other department heads.

We commit to always providing every person at your company with a premium experience – no exceptions!

Dan Baird,

Dan Baird has over 15 years of service in the information technology field and loves to implement a detailed roadmap of improvements for his clients. There is no challenge so difficult that Dan will not try to conquer. You will notice that he cares more about his client’s technology than they do.

Benjamin Villalobos,
Lead Technical Analyst

Benjamin joined paronubi during the early days of the pandemic as we struggled to handle the workload from companies who had never been setup to our best practices. He’s helped these clients adapt to working from anywhere and he currently overseas our team of Helpdesk and Network engineers.

Mariana Irvine,
Admin Manager

Mariana has a background in managing various business improvement projects for organizations of all sizes. She will support our team so we can provide better customer service to you. On a daily basis she follows up with client requests and does proactive work to prevent issues from occurring.

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