Core Computing Infrastructure

Leave your network hardware and management in competent hands

When you procure, maintain, and manage networks by yourself, you can find that the costs can become overwhelming and hard to control. What’s more, the need for ongoing maintenance, issue resolutions, as well as updating and patching waste valuable time that your employees could use to focus on more important tasks at hand.

That’s where Paronubi’s Core Computing Infrastructure can help. For a predictable flat monthly fee, we can provide core computing hardware such as switches, cores, uninterruptible power supplies (UPS), environmental monitoring, and 24/7 support. And if a problem should be detected, the NOC gets a notification and acts on the issue promptly even before it impacts your business.

Ensure a healthy network at all times that helps you achieve business goals.

Endpoint TLM Bundle

Simplifying your technology, letting you do more with less

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Transform your devices into easy-to-manage operating expenses

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