Identity Service Bundle

Improve end-user experience and authentication transparency

Due to the increasing popularity of cloud-based mobile applications, the need to constantly provide, monitor, and manage user accounts has become taxing on IT departments. Not only that, visitors and employees are also burdened with setting different passwords for their mobile apps and cloud desktop.

Paronubi’s Identity Service Bundle eliminates all these hassles and makes life easy for users and your network administrators. Single sign-on (SSO) and authorized groups allow users to access applications from any mobile device with only one login credential. On the security side, the federation keeps passwords safe and multifactor authentication keeps hackers from taking advantage of weak or stolen passwords.

Having a preventive approach against identity theft and data breaches can save you from regulatory fines and damaged public image down the road.

Mobility Service Bundle

Enjoy convenient roaming capabilities, secure data, and prompt support

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Onsite IT Staff Augmentation & Training

Close the gaps in your teams’ IT skills without the high costs of hiring

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Managed Service Bundle

Custom IT services that solve your industry’s unique challenges

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